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Simple Ways to boost your immune system

Lately we have all heard a lot about cover your cough, wash your hands, sanitize surfaces etc. Which are great tips for prevention but I want to share with you some simple ways to strengthen your immune system. Your immune system is your defense… Continue Reading “Simple Ways to boost your immune system”

How to Set Goals the SMART Way

One of the most common mistakes people make on their health and wellness journey is that their goals aren’t properly set. Whether it’s because their goals are too vague or too overwhelming, oftentimes people find themselves discouraged and giving up on their goals. One… Continue Reading “How to Set Goals the SMART Way”

Will this year be your game changer? 6 tips to make it happen.

I’m going to be honest I get a bit annoyed with this time of the year.  All of this new year, start fresh, so much to change, so much to do attitude.  And this year it is worse because it is the “start of… Continue Reading “Will this year be your game changer? 6 tips to make it happen.”

Want to enjoy the holidays without sabotaging your health?

Who ever said the holidays can’t be fun and healthy?  No, it doesn’t mean they have to be filled with only tofu ham and lots of leafy greens. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed.  It is a time for great food and great… Continue Reading “Want to enjoy the holidays without sabotaging your health?”

Did he really just ask me that?

I was at the Doctor the other day getting the results of my bloodwork for my regular check up.  Which by the way, according to the Doctor, “Your bloodwork is perfect.  Whatever your doing keep doing.”  Sweet.  Then he asked me about my support… Continue Reading “Did he really just ask me that?”

Survive or thrive? Which do you choose every day?

I have spent 18 years in a high stress career full of lots of expectations, which keep changing, and a work load that keeps growing.  Sound familiar to you?  If you talk to many people in this field, you will hear one thing over… Continue Reading “Survive or thrive? Which do you choose every day?”