Want to enjoy the holidays without sabotaging your health?

Who ever said the holidays can’t be fun and healthy?  No, it doesn’t mean they have to be filled with only tofu ham and lots of leafy greens. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed.  It is a time for great food and great gatherings.  But the go-go-go of the holiday season takes us out of our routine and adds a lot of extra stress, making slipping off the bandwagon of health and wellness easy. 

Here are a few tips for enjoying the holidays without sabotaging your health:

Creating Your Holiday Mindset: If you are telling yourself “I’ll focus on my health again in January” you have already given yourself permission to overindulge and not focus on your health and wellness.  We get really excited to see so much delicious food in one place at one time.  Then we feel we must eat all of it right then and there.  It is interesting because there is no rule that you can not make pumpkin pie anytime of the year, right?  But if you tell yourself, “This holiday season I’m going to focus on making mindful choices in regard to my health” you create a different mindset as to how you will approach all of the choices this season brings.

Plan Ahead:  An easy step to creating a happier and more successful holiday season is to plan ahead.  Try taking a look at your schedule ahead of time.  Think about setting aside 5 min in the evening to look over what lies ahead the following day.  This will allow you to think not only of items needed or tasks to accomplish but to think through techniques to conquer stressful situations. 

The holiday season is a time where we typically bring in more calories than we burn .  Try to plan in some extra movement on these days.  For example, go for a walk or play some outdoor games.  Invite family and friends to join you.

During the holidays we can find ourselves with a house full of guests or find ourselves a guest in someone else’s home.  It can be stressful and overwhelming.  Try to plan in a few minutes of “me time” to regroup, re-center and refocus. 

Stay Hydrated:  Every cell, tissue and organ in our body needs water to function properly.  Being able to stay hydrated will help you to feel better and give you more energy.  The busyness of the holidays can make it easy to forget to hydrate so carry a water bottle with you.  Don’t like water?  Try adding a splash of 100% fruit juice to your water. 

The festivities of the holidays are often accompanied with alcoholic beverages.  Alcohol dehydrates you.  Something to keep in mind as you partake this season.  Instead of an alcoholic drink make a spritzer.  100% cranberry juice with sparkling water is delicious.

Use Healthy Alternatives and Substitutes:  If I mentioned this a several years agothe results may have completely altered your end culinary result but in todays world companies have been listening to consumers and are providing healthier, more natural alternatives without sacrificing much taste, texture and even cost.  You may also try substituting yogurt or avocado for mayo, whole grain bread for white bread, and nuts for croutons, to list a few options. Many seasoning options are high in salt.  Try herbs instead and you can add more flavor and health benefits. 

Enjoy In Moderation:  The holidays are meant to be enjoyed.  They are meant to be a time of fun, laughing, and gathering.  Not of feeling bad, stressed out, or sick from overindulging.    The key is moderation.  You should enjoy Grannie’s special cookies.  But one or two is different than half a dozen.  The pie you have been waiting for, eat it.  But have a small piece not a quarter of the pie.  When you eat those things really enjoy it.  Savor each forkful or bite. 

If you grew up in a house like I did you were expected to eat everything that was on your plate.  This was great when you were a kid trying to grow into a big adult.  However, we have kept this mentality as our portions and plates got bigger.  The result is overeating without noticing it’s happening.  Try using a smaller plate and decrease our portion size. 

Listen To Your Body: Your body knows when it has had enough.  Often, we ignore what it is telling us or are so out of tune we don’t hear it talking to us.  We find it easier to reach for an antacid and keep indulging.  Pause throughout the day to hear what your body is telling you.  It knows you best!

Focus On Your Why:  When the struggle gets real focus on your why.  Why do you want to be a more healthy you? For your kids? For yourself because you have lots of things to still accomplish? Etc. Use this why as your motivation to persevere. 

When you fall off your health journey bandwagon hop back on.  Don’t beat yourself up over it.  The past is the past.  You can’t change it, but you can use the tools and techniques you have learned to move your journey back in a forward motion toward your health goals. 

Feel like you need more tools and techniques?  Not even sure where to start?  We at Sunshine Transformations can help you with that.  Contact us at https://sunshinetransformations.com/contact/

No one said the holidays can’t be healthy.  You get to choose how your holiday season will go.  So choose what makes you feel good on the inside and out.

Cheers to a happy, healthy holiday season!

Love and Sunshine,



PS.  Want some healthy eating habit tips?  Click here for a free guide.  https://mailchi.mp/a22836f21e4e/5simplesteps  Our gift to you. Enjoy!

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