The Keys to a High Performance Lifestyle

Your 5-week Catalyst to an Even Healthier More Successful You

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Are you tired of the high demands of everyday life coming at the expense of your own health?

Tired of trying the latest fad diet or exercise program with results that don’t last?

Want to feel, look and perform better but not sure what to do or where to go?

If you answered YES! to even one of these read on because this book is for you!

In this book we will work together to lay the foundation for a sustainable healthy lifestyle that will allow you to perform at your best every day. Every week for 5 weeks you will focus on a chapter. We will begin by laying the foundation establishing your why, goals and time management techniques. In week two we get your mind ready by working through what is holding you back from long lasting success. Then we will dive into self-care touching on topics, such as stress management and better sleep techniques. We then move into nourishment where you will learn how to properly nourish your body for success. Lastly, we will explore a variety of topics related to movement and create your own movement plan. This Book is Your Hands-On Roadmap to A Sustainable High Performance Lifestyle!

“Brandee has great steps and innovative ideas to help us change our mindset and life styles. Several areas really resonated with me and gave me a better understanding of how to make healthy choices for my peace of mind and health.”

“Brandee is a true expert when it comes to forming strong, healthy habits you can stick with! The ROI from her tips to be able to take care of your own health & be the person you want to be even when there’s limited time or stress at work is PRICELESS!! Highly recommend getting this book and working with Brandee if you have the chance.”