Tower Garden & Seedlings

No green thumb but want fresh veggies? 

This is for you!

Want to learn more about the Tower Garden watch this short video

Gardening is a passion of mine. It started when I was a little girl and would help my Dad every year with the garden.  It was one way I was able to spend time with my very busy Dad.  I was always excited to watch something grow and learned quickly there was a huge difference in the taste of the items we grew. As I grew up and started my own family I have always had a garden with my boys.  I have even created garden boxes and pyramids with my son.  With that said I have always been intrigued by the Tower Garden.  One day, a friend who recently moved and had not had an opportunity to set up her Tower Gardens asked if I wanted to borrow one.  I was blown away and ridiculously excited.  What a blessing!  Within 10 minutes it was loaded in my car.  The following day it was hooked up and ready to go.  I am amazed at how easy this system is to maintain and how quickly it grows.  Every few days I check the pH and water level.  When you add water you add more nutrients.  That’s it.  It is that simple!  I love going out to the patio and cut fresh greens for a salad.  The greens grow so fast I’m having to share!

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Have a Tower and need seedling? We have seedling starters ready for you. Check out our inventory below. Don’t see something you want? Just reach out and ask. We just may have it:)

Worried about maintaining your Tower Garden? Watch how easy it is.

Tower Garden Maintenance video