“But Eating Healthy Costs Too Much”

Why you can’t afford to NOT eat healthy

I can’t tell you the countless number of times I have heard, “Eating healthy costs too much,” It’s too expensive,” “It’s cheaper to eat off the dollar menu.” Yes, I have heard it all.

For someone like me with my story and background, which you can read in detail at SunshineTransformations.com, this drives me crazy.  In my own healing from anxiety and depression I saw first-hand how important properly nourishing your body is. 

If all you see is dollar signs then yes at first glance many things can be expensive, like the daily trip to your favorite coffee shop.  However, once you look at what your money is buying you can truly make a decision on the expense of an item.

Your body and brain love to be nourished with real food.  Your body knows what to do with items like apples, oranges, avocados and rice. What your body struggles with is what to do with foods that have man made ingredients-like the items that make up the bright yellow/orange “cheese” sauce in mac n cheese.

When our body isn’t sure what to do with an item it has to use a lot of energy to figure it out.  Then it has to figure out where it goes.  That decision often results in health issues like inflammation, which is linked to an incredible amount of health struggles like autoimmune, arthritis, and heart disease.

I learned years ago the link between mental health and good nourishment for your body.  I am excited to see health professionals bringing that connection to light amidst the decline in mental health the past two years.  It was no surprise to me to see an increase.  When everyone was stocking up on food not knowing what to expect during these times, did you notice aside from the toilet paper and the cleaning supplies isle being empty so were the chips and cookie isles.  I remember turning to my husband, pointing down the aisle and saying, “Well we are going to have a mental health crisis here real soon”.  Did you know alcohol and chocolate sales skyrocketed too?  None of these items properly nourish our body and mind.  They create comfort for many, which we are all craving during this time but they do not give our body and mind what it needs to nourish itself properly.

Now I know there are a lot of factors involved with the mental health crisis, the stress and anxiety of the past couple of years, the lack of security and stability, the unknow that feels like it is never going to end, etc.  But I also know that the way we choose to nourish ourselves can help or drastically challenge the situations we are encountering.

Keeping your immune system and all your body systems functioning properly are super important right now as we try to keep unwanted germs away.  Our system can’t maximize its opportunity to fight defenders if we aren’t suppling it with the proper tools to do so. 

So how can you make nourishing your body, and eating healthier more realistic without breaking the bank? 

  1. Cut back. Cut back on some of the items that are not nourishing your body.  The money you save one the package of cookies can go towards something more nourishing.
  2. Start slow. Pick one or two items to add to your weekly list.  Starting slow will allow a gradually change.  We do much better creating and sustaining long lasting change if it happens gradually.  Our human brain is wired to keep us safe and big changes do not feel safe.  Start slow for mor success.  For example, trade out one sugary, non-nutritious snack for an orange or maybe an apple with nut butter.
No bake, easy to make and yummy too!
Farmers Market Finds. Much cheaper than the grocery store.

3. Visit your local farmer’s market.  Farmer’s markets have great produce for a fraction of the cost you would find in the store.  Often times it is tastier too!

4. Go frozen.  Frozen products are cheaper than their fresh counterparts.  Also, frozen products are picked at the peak of their ripeness, or shall we say nutritional value, and then frozen in that state. Therefore, you still get a good nutritional punch from these items. (insert image)

5. Grow your own.  Love to garden or want to give it a try?  This is a great way to create an amazing hobby while giving you and your family optimum nutrition.  I have been gardening with my Dad since I was little. I love watching things grow and love how delicious the items are.  It is really not as hard as you think.  Items like peppers and tomatoes are easy to grow.  I have both garden boxes and an aeroponic tower garden.  Both of these provide delicious and nutritious produce for a fraction of the cost in the store.  For example, I just recently replaced a pepper plant I had for 7 years.  For 7 years that plant gave me peppers like crazy until it decided it was done.  The cost of the seeds for that beautiful plant was my only expense.

6. Meal Plan.  Plan out your meals for the week so you are only buying what you need.  This will cut cost and eliminate waste.  Meal planning also creates an environment where you can save time.  Also, you are less likely to stop for fast food because you have an item ready to go when you get home.

I hope this blog helps you see the importance of selecting proper nourishment for you and your family.  I hope it brings to light the benefit and value of spending a few extra dollars a week on real food your body knows how to process and use. 

Reach out at SunshineTransformations.com with any questions you might have about items such as meal planning, gardening or saving money.  I’d love to connect.

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