Survive or thrive? Which do you choose every day?

I have spent 18 years in a high stress career full of lots of expectations, which keep changing, and a work load that keeps growing.  Sound familiar to you?  If you talk to many people in this field, you will hear one thing over and over.  “Surviving”.  “Good Morning! How are you?” “Surviving.”  “Hey! How is your day going?” “Surviving.” Take a moment to process the image that brings to your mind.  Maybe sadness, defeat, exhaustion?  I’m going to be honest.  I have begun to cry and scream inside when I hear this word.  Cry because I am sad those around me feel that way.  Scream because my ears hurt from hearing that word over and over. 

Once I looked beyond the walls of the building I work in to those who work in different occupations I saw so much of the same thing.  People everywhere surviving.  Thoughtlessly and frantically going from one place to another day after day.  I decided to self-reflect.  Is this me?  Am I spending everyday surviving? Is this how I want to live? I encourage you right now to take a deep breath and honestly answer these questions yourself.

  1. Am I surviving or thriving? 
  2. If I am surviving is this how I want to spend my life?

I’m thinking many of you discovered what I did.  Your surviving.  Eww.  Eww. Eww. 

My word for this year was easy to identify.  Thrive. I am going to thrive. Period. Done. Decision made.  I AM going to show up everyday to grow vigorously in so many areas of my life. 

But how do you thrive?

Believe It: Believing is a huge part of making any goal a reality.  If you believe it, you are much more likely to achieve it.  What you think becomes your reality.  So, what do you believe with your whole mind, the front and back?  Is that voice in the back of your mind telling you something different?  If so, do you really believe it then?  I am going to thrive this year so I’m going to build my belief through affirmations, journaling, creating and surrounding myself with a beautiful tribe of thriving people. Attached to this blog you will find a journal sheet and a coloring page to start you on your way.

Know Your Obstacles and Tolerations:  In order to move forward you need to know what is holding you back.  What in your life is holding you back from thriving?  Be raw and honest with yourself if you want to figure this one out.  That’s when amazing discoveries start to happen.  I had a wonderful opportunity to hear Jennifer Myers speak at an amazing self-development session full of incredible information.  She asked some powerful questions. One that really hit me was “What are you tolerating?” I had never thought of it that way before.  Tolerating. Hmm. She said on average people tolerate over 40 things in their life.  40!  That’s a lot of time and energy on something that can be holding you back from shining your beautiful talents on this world.  So, I ask you “What are you tolerating that is causing you to survive not thrive?”  Jot down your list.  See it.  Feel it. Can anything on your list go bye-bye, sayonara, see you later?  Can someone do something for you?

Move Forward: So how do you move forward?  You believe it and you have identified your obstacles and tolerations. Now what?  Set a goal.  What will make you feel like you are thriving in your life?  I recommend taking that one thing that stands out in your mind, the one thing you keep thinking about as you read this.  I could be thriving if I _________? lost weight, spent more time with my family, ate more whole foods, learned to manage stress, loved myself. 

Make a goal in that area.  For example, I’m going to lose 8lbs this month.  (sidenote-2lbs/week = 104lbs/year) Now break that goal into smaller chunks.  To lose 8lbs I need to eat more whole foods, drink more water, move my body more and cook more meals.  You can now take each one of these and focus on one a week for the next month. Not so overwhelming anymore.  This week I’m going to drink half my body weight in water because hydrating my body will make me feel fuller longer and boost my metabolic rate.  For the next week focus on adding more water to your diet.  Then break down the next smaller chunk and crush it.

You need to thrive.  I want you to be happy, energetic, and vibrant.  The world needs you and your amazing talents.  In order to have your ripple effect in the world you need to be thriving.  Only then can you help others do the same.

Need help applying this information to your life?  Visit me at to learn how.  I would love to help you begin your health journey.

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“If you keep on living like the way you are now, you will continue to produce the same life you already have.” -Jim Rohn

Helping you shine bright,



Brandee Thunberg is a personal wellness assistant that has been married to her best friend for over 20 years, has two awesome boys, is an artist, an educator, an avid outdoors enthusiast and LOVES helping you become the best You!

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